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Safety capac
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Cerglass MFG Inc.  
HuiZhou Shi SongLong LiShang Electronics CO.,LTD  
 VDR   Varistor           History
 Jan.  1981     Sino-American Silicon Products Inc. (SAS) founded
 Aug. 1989     Cooperated with National Tsing-Hua University for ceramic products research
                      and development.
 Sep. 1991     SAS became the first varistor manufacturer in Taiwan. (Brand: SAS)
 Oct. 1996     Song Long Electronics Co., Ltd. founded. (Brand: VDR),founded HuiYang DanShuei
                      Wei Li Electronics Factory
 Nov. 1997     SAS varistor division merged with Song Long. The combination fulfilled the range of 
                      varistor supply.                     
 Mar. 1999     Song Long merged Mars-on Co., Ltd, Song Long became a Global Supplier.(Brand 
                      Added: MOV)                      
 Jul. 1999      Start up Production in GuangDong China for Varistor back-end assembly.
2001             Starting OEM business with first tier varistor manufacturer
2002             Song Long becomes a world wide Protective Devices Supplier                      
2004             Set up Song Long (HuiZhou) (DongGuan) New Plant, completed the 
                     varistor manufacturing process and further providing the full service in China Market
2006             Huizhou Huiyang Song Long Electronics Co., Ltd. to expand, move plant in Huiyang 
                     Shatian. In the same year by Taiwan CERGLASS MFG. INC. (former Taiwan Song
                     Long) apply for and obtain the latest version of VDE.CUL.CQC certification, and specify
                     the Huizhou Huiyang Song Long Electronics Co., Ltd. is the only manufacturing plant    
2008            Obtained VDE, CUL, CQC, ISO 9001-2008 certified and the relevant date
2010            On the injection of Dongguan City Lishang Electronic Co., Ltd., specialized in
                    manufacturing safety capacitor. And the establishment of the Huizhou City Song Long Li
                    Shang Electronics Co., Ltd. on to expand the front-end production processes, to
                    produce low-voltage (18V~151V) products. And obtained RoHS, REACH, halogen-free
                    certification. And obtain VDE60950 (3KV, 6KV) series certification.
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AddressHeng-Ling Developing Distict ,SatianTown,Hui-Yang,Hui-Zhou,Guang Dong Province, P.R.C.   
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